GTO Tasks (1) : Group discussion (Example)

Topic : “Basant should be banned or not”

(This topic has many dimensions, a very controversial topic and people would have a lot of fights while having discussion, some of the main points are:

  • Some would say that Basant is non Islamic, its said that hindus celebrate in remembrance for some bad thing done by someone.(cant recall the history).
  • Other would say that it’s a cultural event to celebrate the start of spring, has nothing to do with Islamic teachings.
  • Someone might say that we have a lot of loss of life because of kites and chords.
  • Some would argue that because of kite industry a lot of people earn money who would suffer if a ban is implemented.

So what is the right answer to this topic that would make others say “yes I agree with chest no…….” ??? The answer to this problem is to be diplomatic, neutral and give middle a solution rather then fight to convince others. Here is a possible answer.

“Bismillah Alrahman Alraheem. Gentlemen the topic that we have been given to us has been in debate for quite some time, that is the basant which is celebrated as a festival be banned or not.(this is a easy topic so you can go on with your views). As far as the religious issue is concerned it depends on thinking of people, The intention of people while celebrating basant is not to adobt some values of Hinduism, but to enjoy and to have some fun with their families and get some time off from their hectic life. But It has been seen that when ever basant is celebrated the society has to face a lot of troubles, many kids fall from roofs while chasing kites, people get cut because of chord, we have power fluctuation because of the electric wire that is used to fly kites. This festival brings nothing but problems for the society. Its history may not be good but its now a cultural thing especially for Lahore and we have seen that when it was celebrated on official level it attracted a lot of tourism.
What should be done is that Basant should be celebrated with responsibility, rather then flying kites on roof tops, public parks should be used where people can fly safely, and it would be a controlled environment so it would be easy to see that people use harmless chord not plastic or metal wire. By doing so no harm would be done to public and this festival would be enjoyed by all.”

What happens in this discussion is that

  • you explain the topic,
  • Highlight the key issues.
  • Give proper solution for those issues.

This makes the discussion complete.



  1. Sibtain Bhai by the way which types of topics are most likely to come in Group Discussion??????
    Like are they related to current affairs or what type???

  2. yes current affairs topics, are mostly asked. They can ask about anythnig which can create a debate.

  3. Valuable Info!

  4. Dear this blog is not specific to GDP branch, ISSB is the same for all forces i.e. army , navy and airforce. Infact whats interesting to note is that this content is also same for indian ISSB or anyother’s which use british selection methodology.

    Comming to your point, you have mentioned SSC for IT field probably of airforce. In that case yes you will be tested on your computer knowledge by the interviewer but over all its going to be a mixture of psychological and subjective questions.
    So prepare all the basic definitions of IT from DBMS to programming, mostly they ask questions from DB’s

  5. Sir,
    I’m really impressed by the work you are doing. I salute you for this. May you get success in your life always. Really, I’ve mailed you too regarding CSS I hope that you reply me via e-mail. Well, I live in Gujranwala Cantt, where are the ISSB tests taken in GRW Cantt? I mean I don’t know about where are they taken? I live in Askari I Gujranwala Cantt.

    Well, anyways May you get success always.
    Keep after Good Work.

    Your’s Faithfully,
    Mehsum Basharat

  6. ISSB tests are conducted in Gujerawala Cantt, proper directions are a bit vague in my mind now, but all candidates report at RAHWALI Checkpost from there they are taken to ISSB centre.
    YOu can ask the people at the check post they will tell you.

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